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Happy 66th Birthday John Bonham!

Today is John Bonham’s birthday! I don’t have very many traditions, but celebrating Bonham’s birthday is something I try to do every year.  Since I was a wee-lad I’ve been a Led Zeppelin fan, but I had kinda drifted away from the band until about a decade ago when I was driving to work and I heard “Moby Dick” on Alice Cooper’s radio show. Since that time, I’ve seen Jason Bonham’s band open for Heart and I’ve read four different books on Zep.

This past year, streaming music service Spotify put Led Zeppelin’s albums up for listening, which was nice because my CD copies are still packed away somewhere.  Bonham’s drumming is so damn good, it still manages to knock my socks off.  It’s sad that John succumbed to his vices and left his family (and the music listening public at large) behind at such a young age.

Take time out today and give “Moby Dick” a listen.



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