Your Next Favorite Band: BIG STAR

One of my favorite things to do is turn people onto the things that I love.  To that end, I’m going to use this blog to promote the stuff I like that’s  just as well known as it should be.  For my first installment let me introduce to you Big Star.

That is one big star.

I guarantee that you know at least one Big Star song, even if you’ve never heard of the band before.  Probably most famous for “In the Street,” which was covered by Cheap Trick and used as the theme song for THAT 70’s SHOW, Big Star continues to influence musicians today.  And while “In the Street” is a pretty bitchin’ song, it’s nothing compared to Big Star’s ballads.  Frontman Alex Chilton had this amazing, almost supernatural ability to write simple songs that were not only catchy as hell, but heartbreakingly honest.  I’m talking make-you-cry-it’s-that-beautiful.  The band only put out three albums #1 RECORD, RADIO CITY, and THIRD/SISTER LOVERS (the first two are sold almost exclusively together on one disc) but you know what they say about stars that burn twice as bright…

These men had the balls to call their first record "#1 Record".

As far as 1970’s rock goes, you can’t do much better than Big Star. The band’s production doesn’t sound particularly dated or cheesy, like a lot of 70’s music does (at least to these ears).  If you like The Kinks or REM you owe it to yourself to check out Big Star.


1. “In the Street” off #1 RECORD

2. “The Ballad of El Goodo” off #1 RECORD

3.  “Thirteen” off #1 RECORD

4. “September Gurls” off RADIO CITY

5. “I’m in Love With a Girl” off RADIO CITY

6. “When My Baby’s Beside Me” off #1 RECORD

7. “The India Song” off #1 RECORD

I challenge you to all of those songs and not smile or tap your foot.  If you can do that then you are dead inside.

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2 thoughts on “Your Next Favorite Band: BIG STAR

  1. Leah says:

    I always wondered about that song from that 70’s show.

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