Brand-Spanking NEW Darkness Song!

So remember The “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” Darkness? They put out two albums and then went kaput due to drugs (?) and in-fighting.  Well they’re back.  They’re on tour and have a new album coming out.  Their new song is called “Nothings Gonna Stop Us” and it’s…a thing.  The last Darkness album ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL…AND BACK was a balls-out rock album that bordered the insane (hint: I loved it).  The band has always been that perfect mix of classic rock and classic rock parody…and even though it seemed like a longshot, I always kept a candle burning for them deep inside my little boy heart.

Nothings gonna stop me...from hating this song...

Well today I heard their new song and was…a bit underwhelmed.  Maybe I expect too much from people these days.  Maybe I’m a bitter old fuck who just needs to die. Or maybe this song’s highly irreverent/kitschy video is better than the song it’s promoting (and it ain’t that good).  I mean, what exactly is this song about? Something about hair and “not stopping”? Where are the killer hooks, super-high falsettos, and wailing guitar solos? I ask you, does this rock? No, no it does not.  Maybe the boys are coming down from a “sugar” high and the next song we hear from The Darkness will better. Right now, this ain’t doing it for me.

Am I crazy? Listen for yourself:

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