Guns N’ Roses: The Pinball Game

Last night I was at The Firebird (downtown St. Louis) seeing Nashville-rockers The Features with The Sun and The Sea.  I really like The Features and should probably do a write-up on them sometime…

Anyway, I looked over during The Sun and The Sea’s set, and what did my eyes spy? A Guns N’ Roses pinball machine!  Ignoring everything I made a bee-line for the machine to check it out, and boy was it cool!

The machine’s game board had a really nice/ludicrous theme of roses, guns, and snakes.  But what was really cool was that it had two plungers (the thing that releases the balls) one was the butt of a handgun and another that looked like a rose.

Awesome! My birthday’s in two weeks, you all now know what to get me.  

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2 thoughts on “Guns N’ Roses: The Pinball Game

  1. M. Alice says:

    Stumbled on this beauty in the mid-90s when I was freshly into GNR, on a college trip to Dublin I believe. Went ballistic when I found it in a bar but the volume was too low and could barely hear the music.

    • It was so loud in the club where I found it that I wasn’t even aware that it played music. I went back a few months later and it was GONE! Replace with a Lord of The Rings pinball game, can you believe it?

      If I’d have known they weren’t attached to it, I would have offered them a few bills for it.

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