“Octopus” by Bloc Party

Bloc Party was one of those buzz bands that never seemed to deliver upon their promise. I bought debut album SILENT ALARM when it came out in 2005, but it took me a few listens before I was really able to “get” them as a band.  They’re definitely going deeper into a  more quasi-electronica sound with their new song “Octopus.”

Bloc Party, indie-rock album naming champs that they are, have decided to call their fourth album FOUR.
Rock on.

The song opens with a quick breath (or is that a yawn?) before taking off into a falsetto-coated groove. I wasn’t sure what a 2012-era Bloc Party song would sound like, but I actually really dug this single. The hook is strong.  The song is funky.  There’s an awesome, futuristic guitar solo.  I’m actually excited to hear what the new album is going to sound like after hearing this song.  I’m a jaded music-nerd, but I think this bodes well for the band.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the song, and tell me what you think:


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