Pig River Records

As history buff, I think there’s something both enjoyable and infinitely rewarding in re-examining the past.  The good folks over at Pig River Records agree, and to that end have constructed a very unique website dedicated to re-examining and enjoying the music of the early 1960’s.  The website “was established on the 1st of January 2012, (1962) since which time it has seamlessly reported on the world of music as if it were happening today.” 

The website features both full-album and single-track reviews, as well as thoughtful essays on the music scene of 1962.  There’s even a music stream of the songs featured on the website.  It’s a fascinating endeavor that’s equal-parts time-capsule, museum curation, and rock criticism.  Artists commonly overlooked or (even worse) forgotten by today’s generation of music fans are given their proper due in the same breath at Bob Dylan and Chuck Berry.

In addition to my duties here at DEFENDING AXL ROSE, I have graciously been afforded the opportunity to contribute to Pig River Records.  If you would be so kind, please go and visit Pig River Records.  Tell them Axl sent you. 

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