“Go” by Valley Lodge

The postings have kinda fallen off here at Defending Axl Rose, and for that I’m sorry.  I’ve been busy working a new job, tinkering with a novel I started writing in January, and writing concert previews for a Colorado fashion/culture webzine, 303 Magazine.

But fear not, despite a fuller-than-usual plate, I have been rocking out to new music.  I was recently turned onto Valley Lodge, a delightfully crunchy power-pop outfit out of New York.  Their latest album, USE YOUR WEAPONS, is in heavy rotation here at the D.A.R. compound.  The first track “Go” is ridiculous and ridiculously good.  Seriously, I defy you to hear this song and not smile…and tap your foot.


I plan on writing a full album review this weekend, but in the meantime, why not get the jump on all your friends and get familiar with Valley Lodge? This is serious power-pop for pop-loving people.

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2 thoughts on ““Go” by Valley Lodge

  1. lpon45 says:

    Fun and daffy … and those guys look nothing like what they sound like.

    • Apparently the singer, Dave Hill, is like a comedian! I’d never heard of them until last Friday but they’ve got a couple of albums under their belts.

      Love funny dues, and funny looking dudes, in rock.

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