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RIP Scott Weiland

I’ve been trying to decide what, if anything, I would write regarding the passing of Scott Weiland. When the news broke that Weiland had died on December 3rd my first thought was “of course he did.” As harsh as it may sound, I’d felt that Weiland had been living on borrowed time. While 48 years is far too young for anyone, part of me is pretty amazed that the hard-living Stone Temple Pilots frontman lived as long as he did. The guy was convicted of buying crack cocaine and once lived next door to Courtney Love–his premature demise was all but ordained.

I’m not going to bullshit you: STP was not a band that impacted my life very much. I think Stone Temple Pilots put out a few good albums and had/have a few really awesome songs, but I’d be hard pressed to name you 5 or more STP songs. I did really enjoy Velvet Revolver, a band he led along with former GNR guitarist Slash. As I write this, that band’s first album is playing in the background, and I’m struck by how good LIBERTAD still sounds eight years later. I think it’s a shame that the band didn’t stay together…but part of the reason Velvet Revolver folded was because Weiland was erratic and ended up quitting.

Drugs, money, and ego can really do a number on people…sadly Weiland’s demons got the better of him. Was Weiland Kurt Cobain? Hardly, but he does leave a helluva a legacy both with STP and Velvet Revolver. Even though I wasn’t his #1 fan, I’m sorry to see his talent snuffed out because an old ass Scott Weiland would have been really interesting. In honor of Weiland, I’m gonna re-listen to Velvet Revolver’s twin albums and maybe put on Stone Temple Pilots PURPLE for good measure.

Weiland’s family is insisting that people not “glorify” his death, so I won’t do that. Scott Weiland was a talented musician who succumbed to his addictions (as I write this, there is still no official cause of death, but trust me: the dude would still be here were it not for drugs). If you know someone who’s facing a similar battle confront them and tell them you’ll do whatever you can to support them.

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