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Sweetmeat’s Real Rock Ale

I switched radio stations recently.  Radio stations, some of you might remember, are like picture-less TV stations broadcast over the air.  I have a ridiculously short daily commute, but for those 10 minutes I like to rock out.  For most of the 7 years that I’ve lived in St. Louis, I’ve listened to K-HITS 96 (96.3FM).  I listened to them mostly because they were the first classic rock station I found on the dial. Really, that’s all it was.  Turns out fate was against me: K-HITS was not the “cool” classic rock station nor is K-HITS the longest running.

That would be K-SHE 95 (94.7FM).

But, being the stubborn, tirelessly predictable sod that I am, I remained a loyal K-HITS listener until this summer.  I was outside painting my house when I heard the Oasis song “Wonderwall” on K-HITS.  Now, I’m a huge Oasis fan, but I was gobsmacked when I heard the 1990’s Brit-Pop legends on my local classic rock radio station.  Overnight my classic rock station had been transformed into a hideous Frankenstein’s moster of vanilla formatting.  No longer would their be awesome deep-cuts (or The Deep End with Nick Michaels a fantastic syndicated radio show I urge you to seek out online).  Instead there would only be music from the 70’s and 80’s with a generous sprinkling of 90’s hits.  The “HITS” in K-HITS was emphasized on the stations Facebook page: they were no longer to be considered a “classic” rock station.

I gave up on radio, until last week when I gave in and started listening to K-SHE.  I feel like such an idiot for not switching sooner, K-SHE is the best rock radio station I’ve ever heard.  Like deep cuts? K-SHE’s got ya covered, they play stuff by bands I’ve never heard of before.  Like to hear albums in their entirety? K-SHE’s got ya covered, this weekend they played an entire Foo Fighters album along with a few other albums (including a new-ish live AC/DC record).  Hate hearing the same song over and over? K-SHE’s library is huge and they never repeat a song.

And then there is Sweetmeat, the stations lovable badass mascot.  You can see him at local St. Louis concerts, on T-Shirts, and now you can even find him on your beer.  Tonight I drank a special beer made by local St. Louis brewery Six Row Brewery called “Sweetmeat’s Real Rock Ale.”  Sure, it’s really just the company’s Whale Ale (wheat ale) but it’s got that badass little piggie on the label.

Such a handsome pig...oh, and Sweetmeat ain't half bad either.

Such a handsome pig…oh, and Sweetmeat ain’t half bad either.

I’m notorious for always picking the losing horse (or whatever) so K-SHE should be very, very worried that I’m their latest fan.  Until they go under, get bought out, get sold, or change format you should check ’em out.  They stream online…

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