Muse’s iPad Bass

One thing has been really bugging me lately.  Well, that’s not true: a lot of things have been bugging me lately…but the only thing that’s been bugging me lately that’s in any way related to music is Muse’s bass player.  See, I was minding my own business, watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) when these clowns come on.

I know, I know.  The fault is mine, I should know better to watch SNL, but it’s a habit that I just can’t seem to shake.  Anyway, I was lame and watching it live, so I couldn’t use the DVR to skip over Muse (whom I really don’t care for).  As I tried not to pass out from sheer boredom, I couldn’t help but marvel and be disgusted by the bass players retro-fitted instrument.

I know SNL is a bit boring these days, but seriously? Playing Angry Birds during your set? Not cool, bro.

Is that an iPad?  Seriously?  I want everyone who made fun of me for playing ROCK BAND to jump on the “Muse’s-iPad-Bass-SUCKS” bandwagon immediately.

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13 thoughts on “Muse’s iPad Bass

  1. Jess Kull says:

    Personally, I thought it was pretty cool.

    I don’t listen to muse, but I too was marveled (not so disgusted) at his bass.

    If music didn’t change and all that remained in a rock band was 2 guitars, a bass, drums, and a singer. Rock would be boring.

    But that’s of course, my opinion.

  2. Eyre says:

    i, too, am an elitist twat when it comes to music.. And i loathe the fact that pop music is all djs these days and its sad that people think anything that doesnt sound super digital is either folk music or being ironic.. but thats the state of things.
    Not too into those songs on snl there.. Just watched. Dont keep up with muse but i do know they have an astounding body of work that ranges from classical to sound design landscapes to experimental nonsense, so if anyone can sell out and rock an ipad for a midi controller while still being badass its probably them. Everyone else would have those sounds automated and just play to a click track, so in perspective it resolved to me as, “eh, thats neat..”
    But no worries, youre still a tool for playing rock band. ❤

  3. Eyre says:

    Damn, even better… Least now its not apple shyte
    (sent from my ipad)
    I mean…

  4. Thanks for clearing up that:

    1. I’m still a tool for playing Rock Band


    2. This bass was not in any way connected with Apple.

    Music is getting so cold and digital and it bums me out. An iPad instrument is just another harbinger of doom in my old-man eyes. I probably would have thought this was neat if I was 10 years younger and/or liked Muse.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the comments.

  5. John Archer says:

    it isnt an ipad – its a touch screen running linux u grumpy bitch 😉 you are right SNL sux major balls – but Muse is trying at least – not much can be said for most musak out there – all of the disney/no instrument playing/no lyric writing/studio crafted crap fills the airs – that isnt Muse…

  6. fred says:

    you haters are all idiots. – The purist idea that if it doesn’t have a string it isn’t an instrument is typical. I guess there’s no room for innovation any longer. Everything that can ever be created musically was achieved in the 60’s and anyone that does anything different is instantly crap.

    • You’re right, I’m an old fart…stuck in my ways thinking that music should be played by instruments and not computers. Had this (faux) iPad bass come from just about any other band I’d probably be behind it: but I hate Muse. And I hate dub-step. Sorry, bro.

    • kevin says:

      naw just todays groups and music don’t require any talent. you make any sound you like with out having to work for it. you just stand on stage scratch a record for a bit or synthasize something and you call it music. requires no talent or thinking. lyrics included. just repeat the same verse 40 times in a song cause you need to fill the void of a 3 minute song. c mon people.. don’t take the easy way out. learn your craft physicaly. earn the sounds your making. same drum beat every other song. sry. earn your right to be there. do it yourself and not the quick buck…

  7. Re Heller says:

    Lol. Was not Keith Emerson, a dude who was big in the 70s rock scene, in his day also fiddling about with these electronic keyboards 🙂
    And you could take a look at the awesome (software) instruments Jordan Rudess (kb Dream Theater) creates together with some app-nerds. Very innovative interfaces to play music on your iPad, check out MorphWiz, GeoSynth or Tachyon. I’ve seen/heard him play some on the last DT tour.

    • I think you’re correct. Honestly, if this was any other band I’d probably think it was kinda cool…I just can’t drink the Muse Kool-Aid. That said, you know what needs to happen to shut people like me up? Bob Dylan needs to perform with one of these contraptions (alá going “electric”).

  8. Thomas says:

    mate is not iPad is Kitara, new kind of instrument! Get more info before you start judge….

  9. Phelonius says:

    So what? It’s the evolution of music. Guys like you lamented the advent of synthesizers back in the day.

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