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Muse’s iPad Bass

One thing has been really bugging me lately.  Well, that’s not true: a lot of things have been bugging me lately…but the only thing that’s been bugging me lately that’s in any way related to music is Muse’s bass player.  See, I was minding my own business, watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) when these clowns come on.

I know, I know.  The fault is mine, I should know better to watch SNL, but it’s a habit that I just can’t seem to shake.  Anyway, I was lame and watching it live, so I couldn’t use the DVR to skip over Muse (whom I really don’t care for).  As I tried not to pass out from sheer boredom, I couldn’t help but marvel and be disgusted by the bass players retro-fitted instrument.

I know SNL is a bit boring these days, but seriously? Playing Angry Birds during your set? Not cool, bro.

Is that an iPad?  Seriously?  I want everyone who made fun of me for playing ROCK BAND to jump on the “Muse’s-iPad-Bass-SUCKS” bandwagon immediately.

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