The Most Embarrassing Record I Own

One of the best parts of starting this blog has been all the new friends I’ve made.  One of the first regular rock-blogs I bookmarked (after my own) was Every Record Tells A Story.  I’ve always been jealous of that name, because I think it’s so true.  Whereas I’m a neurotic, weekend-warrior, my friend over at ERTAS is the real-deal.  His posts are both plentiful and of the highest quality, which is a rare in the blog-o-sphere.

When a blogging award was justly bestowed upon his site, he singled out Defending Axl Rose as one of 5 he enjoys.  For me there could be no higher honor, because I really admire the work that he does over at Every Record Tells A Story.  For spreading the love around to me and my humble blog, I thank him.

The question was asked “What is the most embarrassing record you own?” and I didn’t have to think very hard OR very long to come up with a response.  Would you believe that the most embarrassing record I own is SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND?  No, not the good one…

Dear God, this record is a holy terror: the greatest songs of all-time bathed in the worst of the 70s.

The greatest songs of all-time splattered with the worst shit of the 70s.

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7 thoughts on “The Most Embarrassing Record I Own

  1. I’ve only heard the Aerosmith and Alice Cooper tracks from that. I thought they were both pretty good!

    • A bunch of 70’s rock/pop acts covering The Beatles? On paper it sounds like it would be kinda awesome, but the reality is pretty awful. I’m not a Bee Gees/Disco guy and I’m a huge Beatles fan…so this is like kryptonite for me. I like Alice Cooper but him singing “Because” with the Bee Gees is a match made in hell (the un-fun kind, not the cool metal-kind of hell).

      The worst part, the part that breaks my heart, is that real-life 5th Beatle Billy Preston was actually involved in this travesty.

      Incidentally, I’ve never seen the film that this album is the soundtrack for…though I’ve never had anyone who HAS seen it tell me I’m missing out.

  2. lpon45 says:

    There is no shame in music …

  3. Xanadu! Jeff Lynn,Olivia Newton John and GENE (fuckin’) KELLY… not to mention I was a lot younger back then.

  4. Thanks for the really kind words and sorry it has taken me so long to reply!
    This is a great record to have as your most embarrassing – it is truly terrible – and coincidentally I have been planning to write about the film also. Hard to imagine that two of my all time heroes (’70’s Steve Martin and ’70’s Aerosmith) can be in anything quite so bad.
    Until you bear in mind their post ’70’s output perhaps….

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