Wavves Unleash “Sail to the Sun”


Good news, Californian stoner-punks Wavves released an arty video for their new song “Sail to the Sun” a few days ago.  By arty I mean the band doesn’t appear in the video and it’s horribly depressing.  The song is pretty good and equally depressing.  This is the first new Wavves music since last year’s LIFE SUX Ep, which was really good.  The band also guest-stars on rapper Big Boi’s latest album, VICIOUS LIES AND DANGEROUS RUMORS. On that album they appear on the song “Shoes for Running” which is 1000% less depressing than “Sail to the Sun.”


Where have Wavves been? Why has it taken them so long to get their act together and put out a new record?  Hopefully 2013 will see a new Wavves album and cross-country tour, it’s been entirely too long since I’ve seen them.

In the mean time, pop an anti-depressant and watch the video for “Sail to the Sun.”


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