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Metronomy’s “Month of Sundays” Video Is Rad

Remember music videos? Really good bands would put out awesomely artistic, visually interesting mini-films to promote their new music. Once upon a time, a decent song married to a visually groundbreaking video was not a big deal. But these days? These days nobody makes a music video, and if they do it’s usually sponsored by Motorola and doubles as a commercial.

But apparently not everyone got the memo vis a vis music videos, and yesterday I woke up to find a really sweet Metronomy on my feed. Metronomy is great little indie/New Wave-ish band from England who’ve been quietly releasing solid albums for the past eight years. I especially liked the band’s 2011 album THE ENGLISH RIVIERA.


Anyway, the band’s new album LOVE LETTERS is out and part of the promotion for it included the creation of the below video. “Month of Sundays” is great song with a neat-o video that makes drab, dreary utilitarian architecture of our modern world and turns it into a lovely piece of modern art. Check it out and pretend you’re watching the MTV of your youth:


Metronomy Month Of Sundays from Callum Cooper on Vimeo.

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“Valentine” by The Replacements

“If you were a pill, I’d take a handful at my will/And knock you back with something sweet and strong.”

Paul Westerberg perfectly captures the sleazy hopelessness of young, desperate love in “Valentine.”  The song was recorded by The Replacements for their 1987 album PLEASED TO MEET ME, and pretty much the only V-Day song I’m going to be listening to today. The song’s opening lines, in which a star wished upon turns out to just be an airplane tells you everything you need to know about this song.  I wouldn’t call Westerberg unsentimental, I’d just call him a realist.  Love’s a drug and we’re all junkies. 

These guys KNOW what love's really all about.

These guys KNOW what love’s really all about.

Valentine’s Day is just like all the other holidays: a good idea twisted into an excuse for people to spend money they don’t have. Take time to think about all the love you’ve had and currently have, but don’t buy a fucking greeting card.

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Wavves Unleash “Sail to the Sun”


Good news, Californian stoner-punks Wavves released an arty video for their new song “Sail to the Sun” a few days ago.  By arty I mean the band doesn’t appear in the video and it’s horribly depressing.  The song is pretty good and equally depressing.  This is the first new Wavves music since last year’s LIFE SUX Ep, which was really good.  The band also guest-stars on rapper Big Boi’s latest album, VICIOUS LIES AND DANGEROUS RUMORS. On that album they appear on the song “Shoes for Running” which is 1000% less depressing than “Sail to the Sun.”


Where have Wavves been? Why has it taken them so long to get their act together and put out a new record?  Hopefully 2013 will see a new Wavves album and cross-country tour, it’s been entirely too long since I’ve seen them.

In the mean time, pop an anti-depressant and watch the video for “Sail to the Sun.”


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METAL MONDAY: Australia’s Barbarion Have A Pretty Funny Video

Australian metal heads Barbarion have released a very slick, funny music video for their song “My Rock.”  Never heard of Barbarion [sic]? Well, me neither but someone must really like them, because the slickness of this video screams major label.  It feels like the kind of video you’d see back in the heyday of MTV with it’s oppressed, angry young metal fan.  Watching it, I was reminded of the video for Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” or Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

“My Rock” the song is inoffensive but mostly fun, I’m interested in hearing what the rest of their music sounds like.

Anyway, if you need smile (or just a good laugh) take five minutes and check out this video:

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Bonus METAL MONDAY: New Dethklok “I Ejaculate Fire” Video

Have I told you I like cartoons? I do.  I remember falling in love with Cartoon Network’s ADULT SWIM block of adult-themed cartoons way before it was cool.  Metalocalypse is probably my all-time favorite.  It’s a hilarious send-up/love letter to all things metal.  The show follows the trails and tribulations of Dethklok, the world’s most famous and beloved band.  All the members of Dethklok are insane/over-the-top rock caricatures…and that’s what makes me love it.

Oh, they’re real…real awesome!

The show is also extremely gory and violent, which is probably  a turn-off for a lot of people, but understand: the violence is ironic.  Anyway, the band’s real-life counterparts are on tour to promote their third album which came out this month.  The video below is for their latest “single” which is distrubingly titled “I Ejaculate Fire.”

This is not high art by any means…but nonetheless awesome.  Oh, yeah: WARNING THIS VIDEO IS NSFW.


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New ZZ Top Song Is Pretty Radical

Last Wednesday I packed a bag and hit the beach.  Vacations are fun, but long flights suck, which is why I always hit the local bookshop for some rock magazines before I go anywhere.  I tend to read books while in the air and nervously flip through magazines during the pre-boarding activities.  Anyway, I picked up the latest issues of my two all-time favorite rock ‘zines: MOJO and Classic Rock Magazine.  Both are British, come with a free promo CD, and are ridiculously expensive for this Missouri boy.   But despite the small fortune I had to shell out, they were both worth it (tangent: why are there no good American music magazines?).  Now that I’m home, I’ve been spending a little time with the promotional CD’s, which is a fun way to come-down from a vacation.

This month’s Classic Rock Magazine featured a ZZ Top cover-story and this month’s CD  has their new song “I Gotsta Get Paid.”  The song is off their forth-coming album LA FUTURA.  I’ve never written ZZ Top off, per say, but I’ve never eagerly anticipated their more recent albums either. Expecting a by-the-books “Dinosaur of Rock”-type album I pretty much wrote LA FUTURA off.  But then I heard that the bearded boys had fired their managers and hired super (bearded) producer Rick Rubin to produced LA FUTURA.  Needless to say, my interest perked up considerably.

Rick Rubin, the 4th member of ZZ Top.

So how is the song?  “I Gotsta Get Paid” is actually pretty damn good.  The song, a pretty obscure cover of “25 Lighters” an old rap song by DJ DMD, has an appropriately swampy groove.  Billy Gibbons voice is just getting better (and scarier) with age.  The song, while heavily influenced by Rubin, remains true to ZZ Top’s blue roots.  Rubin’s got a knack for taking older acts and breathing new life into their careers, and from what I’ve heard of LA FUTURA, it sounds like he may have done it again.

You can listen to the first four songs of LA FUTURA on Spotify (released as an EP titled TEXICALI).  Give it a listen and tell me what you think:

And for those that are interested, here’s the original version of the song:

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Jellyfish Sampler

Jellyfish was an awesome band, but don’t take my word for it:




“So High” by Ringo Deathstarr

This song, by Ringo Deathstarr, is from their album COLOUR TRIP (euro-spelling so you know it’s good!):

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“Mexican Coma” by Gringo Star

Check out this awesome song by Gringo Star, off their album COUNT YER LUCKY STARS:

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